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Property Management

We manage your property in Istanbul. We have our own property, so we know what a home owner’s needs are. Our team of real estate consultants, lawyers, architects, technician, cleaners and janitors work to resolve any matters in our services as property managers. We are always working to improve ourselves on how to minimize costs so that you can relax and enjoy your income as a home owner.

Property management includes:
> Regular checks of the apartment to ensure perfect condition of the apartment and the appliances.
> Finding suitable tenants and guarantors.
> Preparing and signing rental contracts on behalf of owners.
> Managing communications with the tenant, guarantor and the neighbors as need arises.
> Control of the inventory list of items in the apartment as the tenant enters and leaves the apartment.
> Settling the tenant in and ensuring everything is in order in the apartment.
> Handling of the security deposit at entry to and departure from the property, as advised by the owner.
> Settling disputes amicably between tenant, owner and neighbors.

Please make an appointment with us to further information.