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About Flats In Istanbul

Mr. Soner KARABABA has been renting short term apartments of his own since 1995. Flatsinistanbul was founded in 2003 to work in the short term apartment rental business. The company started with its own properties. In time, it grew to rent up to 100 properties with a full grown team.

Firms and people eager to invest in real estate started to consult Flatsinistanbul for their investments, restoration and maintenance needs. Today, in addition to managing its own properties, Flatsinistanbul provides top-notch realty consultancy and property management services.

The company has been active in almost every compartment of real estate market and hence, the wise and profit-oriented service rendered to our clients.

The company boasts with its international perspective and the numerous international clients, individuals and firms, that left Flatsinistanbul office with either high-yielding real estate investments or their new homes.


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