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Our Services

Our motto ”Better than Home” offers a mindful and cosy lifestyle with an international perspective. Our team tries to
understand and meet our clients’ demands.

Property Management

We manage your property in Istanbul. We have our own property, so we know what a home owner’s needs are.


Our maintenance team looks after your property
as their own.

Legal Consultancy

Our long time lawyers are here to help with purchasing, registering, renting or selling your property.

Architectural Consultancy

We have a marvelous architecture office that we have been working with for more than 15 years and they are very proficient with restoration and construction projects.

Restoration & Construction

You have come across a beautiful high-ceilinged apartment that promises potential, but you do not know how to handle the job of renovating it?


Our trustworthy and keen cleaners have been with us for
a number years.

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