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Our Services


Property Management

We manage your property in Istanbul. We have our own property, so we know what a home owner’s needs are. Our team of real estate consultants, lawyers, architects, technician, cleaners and janitors work to resolve any matters in our services as property managers. We are always working to improve ourselves on how to minimize costs so that you can relax and enjoy your income as a home owner.


Our maintenance team looks after your property as their own. Regular checks, scanning any problems that need fixing, carrying out any repairs, submitting reports on the work done and presenting quotes on the work to be done are among the services our maintenance team provides. Thanks to them, you will never be disturbed with an emergency maintenance problem while you are on holiday!

Restoration & Construction

You have come across a beautiful high-ceilinged apartment that promises potential, but you do not know how to handle the job of renovating it? We are here to help. We will do the job and can rent the apartment for you if this was meant to be an investment. We have our portfolio that you can get inspiration from and evaluate the quality of the work we perform. We are especially renowned for our fresco and wood restorations.

Architectural Consultancy

We have a marvelous architecture office that we have been working with for more than 15 years and they are very proficient with restoration and construction projects. We are informed about the legal procedures of construction and restoration permits, so you will be covered in that respect, as well.

Legal Consultancy

Our long time lawyers are here to help with purchasing, registering, renting or selling your property. Our team can speak English, French and Arabic, so there will be no language barriers before protecting your property rights. We will provide legal consultancy, too, before you proceed with any decision concerning your property.


Our trustworthy and keen cleaners have been with us for a number years. They keep your place impeccable and may provide cleaning service on a regular basis or on occasions when needed.